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So Much More: Wisdom for Worship Leaders

What does it mean to be a worship leader? We know it is not simply to sing songs or play music: There is so much more.

A worship leader sets themselves apart to minister to the heart of God and lead others to do the same when we gather as a Body. We serve others by pointing them to the One who gave His life for us and is worthy of our everything.

1. Pursue God above all else

The most important aspect of your life is your relationship with Jesus. The “more” that we long for in every aspect of life is found only in Him (John 17:3), for He only fulfills every longing of our hearts.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you set aside a regular alone time with God, cultivating a closer relationship with Him?
  • Do you feel connected to Him and have an increasing hunger to be with Him?
  • Do you give Him first place in your life and seek to live surrendered to Him?

For those whose answer is no or not really:  Begin by setting aside a regular time to talk with God daily and endeavor to keep the appointment with Him. Pray Scripture-based prayers and from your heart, then journal what you sense the Lord revealing to you. You will never regret building a personal history with God.

Some helpful posts on growing your relationship with God:

2. As you lead, maintain a dominant melody line that others can follow Continue reading

Our Role as Worship Leaders

What’s our role as the worship leader?

Matt Craig writes:

“[The worship leader’s] job is to bring order (when needed) and provide the best possible opportunity and environment for us to worship.”

In a previous paragraph, he reminds us that we as worship leaders:

  • Cannot lift the hearts of those taking part in the worship to God
  • Cannot refresh their souls
  • Cannot satisfy their thirst for God

Only each individual can do that with the Holy Spirit’s enabling.

As worship leaders, we must focus on what God calls us to do, but nothing more. No sense in carrying burdens we weren’t intended to carry. There is freedom in knowing and living that, praise God!

You can download the rest of Matt‘s document containing these quotes here. He also has other resources available on this page.

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Here I Am: To Worship (Reflections on the Words)

Yesterday morning while listening to the radio, Tim Hughes‘ song Here I Am To Worship was played & it struck me in a different way than before. In the midst of all that’s going on, God reminded me through this song that no matter how I’m feeling or what I’m doing, that I still need to continue living for Him & worshiping Him, that my purpose in everything is to worship Him. Essentially, here I am, wherever I am, & from that place in life, I’ve got to worship despite any fiery dart thrown my way.

When I arrived at the church to get in some morning flute playing, I grabbed some paper & the lyrics to Here I Am To Worship (which, ironically, was one of the songs in our contemporary set list this past Sunday). I used the lyrics to remind me again of what God had communicated to me, & my reflections through the lyrics’ reminders:

“Here I am” —> “to worship

  • I am here to worship, serve, know, love God & do His will.
  • It’s all about Him, it doesn’t matter the instrument, voice, people, style, place, how I feel, or what I’m going through.

“Here I am” —> “to bow down”

  • to God, His purposes & His will.
  • to die to myself, my wants, preferences & will.

“Here I am” —> “to say that You’re my God”

  • to share You with those who don’t know You.
  • to lavish Your love & grace on all people no matter what.

“You’re altogether lovely…worthy…wonderful to me”

  • despite my successes or failings in doing Your will, loving & serving You, You love me.
  • Jesus died for me, & I could never deserve this, but yet You are that wonderful & loving to me.
  • You are completely & entirely worthy of all my praise, gratitude, & worship.

Thank You, Jesus, for stepping down into darkness, opening my eyes, & letting me see the Truth of You. Lord, here I am, wherever I am within whatever I am. Help me to worship, serve & love You as You truly deserve.

My Favorite Way of Expression

Music for me, is an overflow of my heart & spirit, an unhindered expression of my love for the Lord. It is an overflow of thanksgiving & love to our Father God who gave His beloved Son Jesus to take away all of our sins, guilt, and shame. Such an overflow of love that can never begin to truly express enough thanks to my Lord & Saviour.

I love to write & sing & play melodies of thanks & love to Him, to God who has done so much in my life even though I could never deserve it. & those times when I feel most in pain, most worthless or unloved, His Word says that He loves me unfailingly just as I am. I have to choose to believe His Word, His grace & His love, especially during these more difficult times. I have to choose to take Him at His Word, & remind myself of His love for me even more during the harder moments.

I don’t even know if I’ve got all complete sentences here. :) It’s that overflow happening again, yes, yes it is.

Explaining Worship to Non-believers?

I haven’t had a lot of time or energy lately to post something coherent or worth reading (if I ever post anything worth reading anyway!) Nonetheless, I was thinking about something this evening as I read some in the Psalms, & thought it’d be a great question to pose to others, & am curious to see what others have to say.

The question:

How would you define or explain worship to a non-believer or anyone who doesn’t truly know what ‘worship’ is? & let’s make it a little more difficult — Try to do so in two sentences or less. :)