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Here I Am: To Worship (Reflections on the Words)

Yesterday morning while listening to the radio, Tim Hughes‘ song Here I Am To Worship was played & it struck me in a different way than before. In the midst of all that’s going on, God reminded me through this song that no matter how I’m feeling or what I’m doing, that I still need to continue living for Him & worshiping Him, that my purpose in everything is to worship Him. Essentially, here I am, wherever I am, & from that place in life, I’ve got to worship despite any fiery dart thrown my way.

When I arrived at the church to get in some morning flute playing, I grabbed some paper & the lyrics to Here I Am To Worship (which, ironically, was one of the songs in our contemporary set list this past Sunday). I used the lyrics to remind me again of what God had communicated to me, & my reflections through the lyrics’ reminders:

“Here I am” —> “to worship

  • I am here to worship, serve, know, love God & do His will.
  • It’s all about Him, it doesn’t matter the instrument, voice, people, style, place, how I feel, or what I’m going through.

“Here I am” —> “to bow down”

  • to God, His purposes & His will.
  • to die to myself, my wants, preferences & will.

“Here I am” —> “to say that You’re my God”

  • to share You with those who don’t know You.
  • to lavish Your love & grace on all people no matter what.

“You’re altogether lovely…worthy…wonderful to me”

  • despite my successes or failings in doing Your will, loving & serving You, You love me.
  • Jesus died for me, & I could never deserve this, but yet You are that wonderful & loving to me.
  • You are completely & entirely worthy of all my praise, gratitude, & worship.

Thank You, Jesus, for stepping down into darkness, opening my eyes, & letting me see the Truth of You. Lord, here I am, wherever I am within whatever I am. Help me to worship, serve & love You as You truly deserve.