Morning Worship

Oh, Jesus, we arise and greet the day and worship You. We lift Your name, be high and lifted up upon our praises as we love on You! You are worthy, worthy, worthy of our praises! Father, we bless Your name! So thankful we are for You, our loving and perfect Father who gives good … Continue reading Morning Worship

The Alabaster Box

She too was not esteemed by man. They saw her and they saw sin. They saw her and they said, "worthless." They saw a past lived in wretchedness. They saw pointless, purposeless. Maybe you too have been perceived in this way before, or have even seen yourself in this way. He saw treasure. He saw … Continue reading The Alabaster Box

War in the Airwaves

I've noticed even more tonight that there's a war going on in the atmosphere. The enemy hates our worship of Jesus and has his own sounds going as he tries to pollute the air of homes, cities, regions and hearts. We need to lift our voices in worship of Jesus more and more wherever we … Continue reading War in the Airwaves

Put Your Songs in Our Hearts

The sheer weightiness of God's presence during our pre-service prayer time blew me away me this morning. Saturday night I had a tension headache that continued into morning, threatening to make the day more of a fight for focus than usual, but the weight of God's presence and the focusing of my mind on Him … Continue reading Put Your Songs in Our Hearts

Living Worship Is…

Living Worship : God revealed to us. God exalted by us. God encountered by us. God invading our hearts. God transforming our lives. God moving us to reach others. God revealed to others. God exalted by us and others... and on and on and... God being worshiped by us in a never-ending cycle!