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For those involved in worship and music ministry; current or aspiring worship leaders, singers and musicians.

Morning Worship

Oh, Jesus, we arise and greet the day and worship You. We lift Your name, be high and lifted up upon our praises as we love on You! You are worthy, worthy, worthy of our praises!

Father, we bless Your name! So thankful we are for You, our loving and perfect Father who gives good and perfect gifts. You never give us a stone when we ask for You to satisfy us with Your Bread of Life. You are always faithful and You care so deeply for us!

Precious Holy Spirit, how You lead and guide us. You help turn our eyes back to Jesus when they stray or when fear tries to get in the way. We thank You that You help us and comfort us with the love of the Father and the desire of His Son.

We are vessels filled with You, a deposit within that grows continually as we ask the Lord to consume us all the more, and Your fire making us into ministers of God’s flaming fire for His glory and His Kingdom of love, truth and light!

The Alabaster Box

She too was not esteemed by man. They saw her and they saw sin. They saw her and they said, “worthless.” They saw a past lived in wretchedness. They saw pointless, purposeless. Maybe you too have been perceived in this way before, or have even seen yourself in this way.

He saw treasure. He saw value greater than gold and worth more than silver. He saw purpose, purity, love. He saw one who desired to live for Him, to love only Him, to be only His. He saw one who loved and who loved much. He saw wholehearted devotion, selfless abandonment. He saw her heart.

She risked stoning by the Pharisees, the rejection of society. She pushed back thoughts of pain, death and accusation. Her heart desired after one thing. She wanted only to give Him the worship due Him, to pour out her love to Him. She relinquished concerns of what the religious and her society would say. She wanted only to give Him all her devotion, all her worship.

The Alabaster Box

He saw love. He saw pure beauty, true value. He treasured not merely her act of love and worship, but her heart for Him. Was she perfect? No. But it was no matter to Him, for He declared her lovely and worth it all.

And she poured out her worship at His feet. Valuable oil flowed from the vessel of alabaster. She gave her life’s inheritance, contained in that jar, all to anoint Jesus’ feet. She gave of her heart even more, the oil merely a symbol of the priceless gift of her love and worship. She chose the good part.

He saw more than a vessel of oil, more than an inheritance given. He saw her. He saw a heart surrendered, a life given to love Him. He saw not sin, not a blemished past, not a flawed woman to be scorned. He saw a woman highly esteemed by Heaven, one voluntarily giving her love to Him, the one for whom He gave His life.

He saw you. He saw His Bride.

* What do you see? *


Scriptures: Luke 7:36-50; John 12:1-8; Psalm 27:4; Luke 10:38-42

War in the Airwaves

I’ve noticed even more tonight that there’s a war going on in the atmosphere. The enemy hates our worship of Jesus and has his own sounds going as he tries to pollute the air of homes, cities, regions and hearts.

We need to lift our voices in worship of Jesus more and more wherever we are! Our words and worship penetrate the atmosphere to bring God’s life and light all around us, His anointed sons and daughters!

After leading worship today I can especially feel his irritation at the healing that came to hearts and to the atmosphere over our region; and even though I know we don’t fight against flesh and blood, his irritation seems to be being reflected in the natural through others around us playing music that is more raucous and their singing more blatant than usual.

So tonight my hubby and I are playing the 24/7 Prayer Room web stream via IHOP-KC in our place! Don’t forget to play music glorifying our God in worship in your homes and spend time praising Him all the day and night long, lifting your voices wherever you are

With every thought let us love You, God!

Put Your Songs in Our Hearts

The sheer weightiness of God’s presence during our pre-service prayer time blew me away me this morning.

Saturday night I had a tension headache that continued into morning, threatening to make the day more of a fight for focus than usual, but the weight of God’s presence and the focusing of my mind on Him quickly swept it away. What’s such a pointless thing as that compared to the beauty of God anyway?

God awakening my senses to His presence as I entered into worship and His presence eclipsed all else. His glory far eclipses all afflictions, large or small (a headache is nothing compared to other things!) As the lyrics of the song How He Loves go:

“…all of a sudden I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory,
and I realize just how beautiful You are and how great Your affections are for me.”

I’m finding the sweetest moments with God are when He’s refining you in His fire, growing you into a tree with roots planted deep in Him by the streams of His Living Water, and making you more Christlike (Psalm 1/Jeremiah 17). It’s worth it. It will be worth it. It already is worth it. Jesus is the One I want to live for. What else is there? Nothing and no one is better. He’s the fairest of all!

Today I wanted nothing more than to be still & quiet before God’s throne. God both amazed and blessed me at once, and how humbling this is! That God would, firstly, send His Son to take away my sins, though none of us can even love Him without Him! And that He would bless by using the imperfect vessel that is me as His vessel when God needs no one–I mean, one word from His mouth  brought forth creation–why would He even want to use me?

Yet so much does God care, about each one of us! Yes, He doesn’t need us–He’s God, but He does want us! I can’t repeat it to myself or remind others enough, nor can I fathom it fully: God made us to love us and us to love Him, to have a relationship with us. God is love!

I wrote this in magnetic poetry on my fridge yesterday:

lead me to the mountain, Lord,
teach me the language of Your heart.
give strength to my spirit,
and humble me like Jesus.
I rejoice in Your everlasting love!
sing Your freedom songs through me!

He’s been answering that prayer all along, but today He took it to a new level in me for His glory yet to graciously show me who He made me to be as His vessel of love, truth and light!

Lord, You are outstandingly loving, merciful and beautiful! Keep putting new songs and prayers in our hearts and upon our lips, words wholly inspired by Your Spirit! We need the songs and prayers You want sung, proclaimed and prayed more than any others!

Living Worship Is…

Living Worship :

  • God revealed to us.
  • God exalted by us.
  • God encountered by us.
  • God invading our hearts.
  • God transforming our lives.
  • God moving us to reach others.
  • God revealed to others.
  • God exalted by us and others… and on and on and…

God being worshiped by us in a never-ending cycle!